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The New Normal for Air Travel

It’s been over two months since commercial air travel has been grounded due to COVID-19 pandemic. And as Philippine airports prepare to reopen flights, it’s best to know how to protect ourselves, and everyone around us, with the new normal when catching a flight – either for business or leisure.

Mactan Cebu Airport has announced that it’s ready to resume operations for both terminal 1 and 2, last Monday, 01 June 2020. Safety measures has now been in place in preparation for the revival of airline flight services.

With the announcement, Mactan Cebu Airport also posted health and safety measure guidelines that are strictly to be observed while inside the premises.

Airport Health and Safety Guidelines

1. Strictly adhere to social distancing protocols and follow the visual markers placed in different locations. Always stay in the right lane when walking.

2. Mandatory wearing of face masks and any preferred additional PPEs within the airport vicinity and inside the terminals.

3. Comply with body temperature checks conducted by the security personnel at all airport entry points.

4. Regularly sanitize hands and disinfect shoes using provided hand sanitizers and footbaths at terminal entry locations.

5. Limit send-off parties at the departure area to one companion only regardless of the number of passengers traveling together.

6. Provide correct information when filling out health declaration forms.Read COVID-19 health information materials posted in strategic locations of the terminal.

7. Listen to PA announcements for health and safety reminders.

Boarding the Plane Safety Guidelines
Cebu Pacific Air introduced measures for contactless flights early May 2020 in preparation for the resumption of their flights. And here are some points for a hassle-free, safer air travel.

1. Self-check in and no-touch boarding. Prior to their flights, passengers are strongly advised to check-in online for faster processing and lesser human contact. Travelers will also be expected to come to the airport at least tow (2) hours early as check-in counters will be closed 60 minutes before their flights. When carrying more than two (2) luggages, assign only one representative to go to the baggage drop-off counter. Upon boarding, passengers will be required to hold out their boarding passes with the barcode facing the airline staff, for touchless scanning. 

2. Passengers will have to stow their own hand-carry bags in the overhead bins and will be expected to practice self-disposal of trash and waste at the end of the flight.

3. Middle seats will be kept vacant as much as possible to give way for social distancing on board. Cabin crew members will also be strictly implementing no changing of seats during the flight. Orderly deplaning procedures must also be observed by everyone on board.

With a cure currently unavailable, the best thing we can do is follow all safety precautions, and go an extra mile to keep ourselves and everyone around us safe and protected, specially when traveling can’t be helped during the pandemic.

Extra precautions for better protection during travel

1. Wear a surgical or N95 mask, and a face shield.

2. Always have extra face masks and a hand sanitizer ready on your carry-on bag. Sanitizing wipes would be very useful too, so you can wipe your seat and tray table on the plane. It’s better to have your boarding pass on your phone too, instead of the printed ones.

3. Strengthen your immune system by drinking your vitamins and supplements.

4. Bring your own water bottle, and hydrate frequently! Bring your reusable utensils with you too. This is to prevent you from using utensils that may be handled by other people.

With all of us practicing the imposed safety guidelines on the new normal for travel, and the extra precautions, we are better protected and secured. Together, we can look forward to not worrying about COVID 19 during travel in the course of time.

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