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Growing upย in the historic resort city is such a treat, specially for a beach fanaticย like me.ย When I was 7 years old, we lived in Marigondon –ย a baranggay in Lapu-lapu City which boasts of white sand beaches and crystal clear blue waters.ย Our address wasย about 15 minutes away by foot fromย the town’s public beach; and recalling the memory ofย sneaking out of the house with my brothers everyday after class to take a quick swim and then goesย back home before our dad does – still makes me giggle. hahaha. And yes, my siblings and Iย wereย dark-skinned and bronzed-haired when we were kids.

Today,ย 6015ย is home to severalย top resorts in the country. And sharing the same zip code with these topย retreats, who by the way hold wicked parties,ย it’s necessary to dress for theย occasion. Here’s a look you might want to consider when going to a formal resortย party. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Locale:ย The Forum of Movenpick Hotel Resort Cebu |ย Photographer: Marco Paulo Diala

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