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That Winter Charm


This year I was able to cross outย “touch snow” off my bucket list. Hahaha. Okay, that might sound lame, but you can’t blame me for feeling so delighted, I live in a country where temperature goes as high as 45 degrees Celsius.

Last March, I went on a 2-week/6-prefectures Japan trip with my brother-from-another-mother Marco Paulo Diala – who also authors the blog PhilippineStreetFashion.ย Touchingย snowย wasย the 3rd thing,ย next to Disneyland and Universal Studios, ย that made me so excited on taking this jaunt. And since it was almost spring time during our visit, we had to go far north for snow!

Naganoย is theย capital city of Nagano Prefecture and is located in the northern part of the territoryย near the confluence of the Chikuma and the Sai rivers, on the main Japanese island of Honshลซ.

We didn’t have a definite itinerary for our Nagano stay other than just relax, do the laundry,ย maybe go to an onsen and to a ski park. Seeing patches of white onย roofs and treesย duringย the train rideย from Nagoya to Nagano, going to a ski parkย instantly made it 1st on our priority list; second was ย doing the laundry. hahaha. “Making snow angels are more important than wearing fresh clothes right,” affirmed Marco and I. ย That’s how giddy we were. hahahaha.

Finally touched snow on our first day in Nagano! Wooohoo! And couldn’t resist, made a snow ball and threw it at Marco! Teehee. #BullyMode. On our way back to the city, it seemed we want ย need more time to play in the snow. And thanks to Tita Diana Himawari (Marco’s mom) and Kobi chan who drove us farther North of Nagano to a bigger ski park with more snowย the next day!

Snow 6

So what I wore to keep me warm on 4 degrees celsius weather?ย Leather jacket over 2 layers of long-sleeved shirt and a leg warmer underneath my pants. And yeah I know, wore the wrong shoes. As soon as I stepped in the snow, it melted and super duper cold water infiltrated my shoes. hahahaha. But I was having too much fun to notice, until I got into the van and couldn’t feel my toes. Was just glad I can stillย move ’em andย they didn’t turn violet. LOL

SNow 1 Snow 4

Snow 5

The crunching sound every time you step on snow, and how the cold makes your toes tingle –ย I miss that winter charm.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

Posting our Japan itinerary real soon on, so be sure to follow ย iLuvCebuย for that update and for moreย fun travel adventures! ^_^



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