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That Stormy Summer with You

Streaks of soft, morning sunlight leaked through the window’s blind gaps hit my face waking me instantly. I stretched my body and rolled over to grab my phone , still plugged in the wall socket from a night of charging. I read the first message which was a notice from the local weather station of an upcoming hurricane at 9pm. “Transportation are to stop operating and shops are to close as early as 7pm,” announced the sms. I pulled out my phone charger, doling out a sharp clicking sound.

You woke up …. stared ….. smiled……. and moved closer to my left ear and whispered “Good morning, ” then gave a soft kiss on my cheek. I smiled and gave you a soft pat on the head, and a peck on the forehead, as I head to the bathroom, telling you to check your phone and read about the upcoming hurricane warning. “Oh, let’s be back at 8pm then,” you said after taking a glance at your phone. “Let’s head out in a bit and continue with the planned itinerary for today.”

It was still sunny at 10am, and not a sign of rain or an upcoming storm that day. But we grabbed some umbrellas anyways as the weather app declared rain might start at 5-7pm.

Snagged a quick bite at a vendo restaurant, and headed to a nearby temple to explore. As expected, it was packed with sightseers. What I love about tourist spots is that there’s always this strip of specialty shops where I get to sample the local food and delicacies, before actually buying a pack to bring home. I was surprised you enjoyed grabbing and nibbling on the samples too. We were at the end of the FREE sample street, and I ended up buying nothing, and you – the local, loaded the shopping bag with your favorite pickled plum, for you and your mom.

4PM. The alleys were now almost empty, and some stores started closing. Lucky us, we got to take a few shots of this area that’s normally packed with tourists – quiet and relaxed. Lulled a bit at a coffee shop, where both of us ordered my favorite iced cafe latte before heading to your personal favorite noodle shop.

5:30pm. We took a bus to the planned dinner spot, then walked about three blocks, passing by the places you hanged out when you stayed in this city. Unluckily, your highly recommended restaurant was closed due to the brewing storm. Both famished, we agreed to have the night meal at the first restaurant we see that’s still open, and fortunately we found one a couple blocks away.

Wrapped up dinner at around 7:30pm and we quickly headed to the bus stop. The frequency of the buses were cut to every 30-45 minutes from the usual 15 minutes, which made it difficult to catch a ride back to our rented AirBnB place. It’s almost 8pm, and the rain started to pour heavily, and the wind gushed strongly making loud hissing noise. Lightning and thunder added to the the thrill. Checking the bus schedules on the app, we walked to different bus stations and it was timely to get on one on the third bus stop, and get a ride home before the heavens pour down all its might.

8:30PM. We got home soaked, but safe. You gave me a signal to prepare for bed first, and I did. By the time I finished, you were in your bed clothes, sleeping like a doll, tired from an entire day of walking. Even the loud grumbles caused by the thunder didn’t bother you. So I laid down quietly beside you, making sure I don’t wake you up. Now tucked in bed, you grabbed my right arm and wrapped yourself with it and said, ” I love you,” then fell back asleep. That made my heart flutter! I then kissed your nape and whispered, “I love you too.”

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