Step and Drop


My second time to do the canyoneering but haven’t had enough courage to conquer the 25-foot fall. “Just step and drop,” instructed our guide Raymund Sande. It sounds so simple but every time I stand on the edge of the 25-foot waterfall to jump, my knees starts to shake and then completely chicken out. haha. Our guide had mentioned all the cheers and encouragement  he can think off, but still wasn’t convinced that am ready to take the leap.


Canyoneering or canyoning is a popular attraction in Cebu where adventure seekers walk through nature trails, jump waterfalls, swim rivers and  climb boulders (Read more about Cebu Canyoneering on This time, I went with fellow blogger Marco Diala with our Manila friends Ali, Anna and Jico. Water was flowing really strong, making the adventure more exciting with higher drops and water slides. And yes, I did all the drops except the 25-foot jump. 😛

P.S. : I hope you had an awesome birthday in Cebu Ali and more Cebu adventures with you, Anna and Jico on your next visit. ^_^ #Sepanx


More photos from our first canyoneering  experience with iLuvCebu Team and friends below.

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