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Step and Drop

  My second time to do the canyoneering but haven’t had enough courage to conquer the 25-foot fall. “Just step and drop,” instructed our guide Raymund Sande. It sounds so simple but every time I stand on the edge of the 25-foot waterfall to jump,…

Personal Style

One Set

  Yesterday’s schedule was real tight – from work, headed straight to my brother’s pre-birthday party, then off to a dinner event at the Radisson Blu Hotel Cebu and capped the night with a karaoke session to welcome brother’s prenatal day. A…

Personal Style


  These past three weeks I have been so busy and overloaded with tasks – juggling between business responsibilities and blogging duties. But don’t misconceived that statement as a grumble; am pretty much grateful for all the recent hustle. ^_^ Really glad I got…

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