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Japanese Town in Singapore

My Japanese friend, Akioh, and I rushed to line up at Keisuke Restaurant in Peck Seah Street the soonest we arrived at Tanjong Pagar Station. We were meeting Akari, his Japanese schoolmate, for dinner at her highly recommended restaurant which serves Hamburg steak. We arrived 15 minutes ahead, and she was able to catch up with us still standing in line. We waited 10 minutes more on the queue, giving two longtime friends a quick catching up talk, and Akari and I to a brief introduction before the three of us were able to get a table.

I ordered the Hamburg Steak Meal which comes with tempura, miso soup and special Japanese Rice. Ordering the set also gave me a ticket to the salad and dessert buffet bar, which is a big steal considering it’s reasonably priced, and undoubtedly a superb and very filling meal. Keisuke’s hamburg steak is the best I had so far – juicy and flavorful, not too salty and a tender patty.

After dinner, we headed to Parco – a shopping mall that houses many Japanese brands, including Curry Monster, Keisuke Tori King, Pullman Bakery and even Don Quijote. Had a brisk shopping to replenish my stash of favorite Japanese snacks and products. Made me feel like I was actually in Japan, except everything I get is paid in Singapore Dollar.

The next day, I went back to Parco for lunch at another Keisuke outlet in Tanjong Pagar, Tori King. Lined up for about 15 minutes, but it’s all worth the wait. I ordered the house specialty with normal salt and chicken oil levels. I loved the flavorful broth of the Tori Ramen during my first few sips, but it got a bit too rich, and a bit too salty halfway the bowl. Thought maybe it could’ve been perfect with less, or zero, salt and oil. The experience was not bad at all, just thought I ordered the wrong flavor levels. I’d surely give it another shot when I visit Singapore again soon. And yes, with the ramen order, you can help yourself to servings of complimentary egg and bean sprout. Not bad for a 14 Singapore Dollar ramen bowl.

Akari , my most recent Japanese acquaintance, made mention that most of the things she needs to make her miss Japan a bit less is at Tanjong Pagar. She even gets real excited seeing her childhood snacks sold at Don Quijote grocery section. Akioh, my Japanese travel buddy, who was experiencing Singapore for the first time during that trip, quipped that eating at the restaurants in Tanjong Pagar truly made him feel that he was in Japan – with the service the quality of the food and even the pricing is identical.  

Gopeng, Tras, Peck Seah and Enggor Streets  in Tanjong Pagar area has lots of Japanese restaurants that’re not only been frequented by Nihonjins but locals and tourists as well who appreciate authentic Japanese cuisine. Even spotted this shop serving ice cream made with 100% Hokkaido Milk in Gopeng Street. YUUUM!
And yes, Akari mentioned that a Korean Town is pretty nearby as well. 😉

For those asking where Tori King Keisuke, Don Quijote, Pullman Sapporo Bakery and Itadakimasu are, they’e found in Parco (not the same with Parco Singapore), the building where Tori King is. Here’s a pinned Gmap location for your reference.

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