Easier Banking with the Metrobank App

One of the best conveniences we enjoy today is that we can accomplish so much with our smartphones! Yes, even banking and managing our finances is so effortless now!

Like everyone else, I am following the Enhanced Community Quarantine guidelines and been staying at home for weeks now, giving me extra time to check on easier options to pay bills, and transfer money for transaction payments.

I recently downloaded the Metrobank app to check on bank services and the things I can do with the mobile application. I have been browsing on it for days now, and it’s surprisingly smooth and straightforward.

Signing up for the mobile app is free, even if you do not have an account with them yet. So what are the time-saving things I can do with the Metrobank app? Well, going to the physical bank and do things like paying bills, transfer funds across Metrobank accounts and sending money to non-Metrobank accounts. I can even buy mobile load with the app. Quick, fast and convenient!

For more information, you may check the Metrobank website by clicking HERE!

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