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°C Capsule Hotel Gotanda Japan

My first capsule experience was in °C  Capsule Hotel Gotanda– an all-male accommodation, sleep and sauna concept that is conveniently located near Gotanda Station.

°C,  pronounced as DoC (doh-see), is a no fuss capsule hotel that offers daily stays from 1:00PM (13:00) to 10:00AM the next day. A booked stay includes a capsule bed, sleep pajamas, toiletries, use of suana, toilet and bath, and WiFi connection.

A common lounge is also available for eating, working or talking on the phone. Keep in mind that the 10:00AM check out is strictly imposed, so better be at the reception area before the check-out time.

For bags and trolleys, there are racks provided at the ground level where you can leave them. It’s fairly safe in Japan, but never be too complacent so better lock your luggage, and put all valuables inside your assigned locker, which is located on the same floor where your sleeping pad is. Your assigned locker and sleeping pod numbers are the same.

There are toilets and washing sinks on each floor so you can conveniently wash your face and brush your teeth before sleeping, or maybe when you need to do a quick trip to the lavatory in the middle of the night. 😉

The bath and sauna is at the lower ground floor. Before heading down, swing by at the concierge to have your pod key switched with a sauna/bath locker key. You can put your watch, jewelries and clothes in the provided locker before hitting the shower or the sauna. And yes, the cubicles are separated only by glass walls. So if you are staying at °C with close friends or family and you feel awkward seeing ’em naked, better take turns in going down the shower room to bathe. Teehee. After showering ,empty your shower locker and have your key switched back with your pod key at the reception.

If you are staying for multiple nights at °C capsule hotel, you still are required to checkout daily and clear out your sleeping pod and locker every 10:00AM. You can leave your stuff at the baggage area and go out for the day. Check in time starts at 1:00PM (13:00). You may request the receptionist for the same sleeping pod number if you want. If you are going out for the entire day and going back late, inform the attendant ahead on your estimated check-in time.

°C or DoC is located at 1-20-15 Higashi Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0022. That’s about 5-10 minutes on foot from JR Gotanda Station. You may chek out their official website HERE. You may check other booking websites for discounted rates.

What’re the attractions close to this accommodation?

Gotanda is not a touristy spot so °C Gotanda has less than 5% foreigners during my stay. Location wise, this capsule hotel is not bad at all as Gotanda Station is part of the Yamanote Line that easily connects to Tokyo’s major city centers like Shinjuku, Harajuku, Euno, Tokyo and more.

Shinjuku is Japan’s busiest station and is in the middle of Shinjuku’s business, entertainment and shopping spots. There’s also bus station going to other parts of Japan just across the train line as well. This is only 6 stops from Gotanda, or approx. 14 minutes away by train.

Harajuku is a famous spot for shopping and entertainment among young people. The charming Tokyu Plaza is here as well. The main entrance of the Meiji Shrine is located next to Harajuku Station as well. It’s only 4 train stops away from Gotanda, or approx 10 minutes away by train.

Ueno Station is just next to Ueno Park and Ameyoko shopping street. It’s just 10 stations away from Gotanda, or approx. 24 minutes away by train.

Tokyo Station is the terminal of all shinkansen lines. It’s also near the Imperial Palace and the Imperial Palace East Gardens. It’s only 7 train stops away from Gotanda Station, or approximately 17 minutes away by train.

Yurakucho Station is where you alight for the famous Ginza Shopping District. That’s only 6 train stops away, or approximately 15 minutes away by train.

Shinagawa is the closest JR Station to Sengakuji Temple. Only 2 train stops away from Gotanda, or 6 minutes away by train.

Yoyogi Station is where you can access the north entrance of Meiji Shrine. It’s only 5 train stops away from Gotanda, or approx 12 minutes away by train.

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