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These past three weeks I have been so busy and overloaded with tasks – juggling between business responsibilities and blogging duties. But don’t misconceived that statement as a grumble; am pretty much grateful for all the recent hustle. ^_^

Really glad I got a day off  yesterday! Yipee! It wasn’t a sloth-y kinda rest day though, I was quite productive actually. I got to read  two chapters of my most recent book purchase, “Does it Work” by Shane Atchison & Jason Burby, and emailed a few iLuvCebu partners and clients. Thought of continuing on my reading after sending emails but the warm weather made me crave for unlimited Sundae! uugh! So I drove from Mactan to I.T. Park to grab a serving and a real garlicky Johnsonville Garlic Hotdog Sandwich to pair it with at  Family Mart. Marco of the lifestyle blog CountOcram joined me for a quick grub, who also photographed my OOTD! Thank you Mr. 2-time Featured Instagram User! 😛

And I was able to hit the gym too. It surely was a great, productive breather!

Yesterday’s OOTD: A black fedora, basic shirt, jogger pants, flannel around my waist and  the very comfortable Black Phillips from People Footwear.




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