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Tired [tahyu rd] exhaustion, as by exertion; fatigued or sleepy. That’s how  the dictionary defines it. Chunking it down to emotion percentage, it’s 70% sadness, 15% disgust and 15% anger. The murky weather caught up with me today, leaving me numb and cold.

Sit. Close eyes. Deep breathes. Clear mind. Happy thoughts. Smile.

That’s my blueprint to getting back in my happy loop; not the solution to the dilemma, but a step to loosen up and compose a fitter approach to figuring it all out.

Dreary transitory emotions, usually make us stronger. Like how Joy needs Sadness, diddly events happen for a reason –  to make us more perceptive, and sometimes proactive.

So for now, I’ll just flash a smile, maybe, just maybe, life’s going to smile instantly right back at me 🙂

Outfit: Uniqlo Sweatshirt, Uniqlo Legging Jeans, Uniqlo Socks, Nike Spring Sneakers

Yesterday, was spruced up in Uniqlo because I have been looking forward for its opening in the metro. And I bet everyone’s delighted too for the dawning of Uniqlo Cebu! That’s something to smile about, right? 😛 Read more about the recent Fall/Winter 2015 teaser on Cebu’s Lifestyle, giving Cebuanos a sneak peek of the collection that will be on display during the inauguration of the first Uniqlo Cebu branch this October. And by November, the 2nd Uniqlo Cebu branch will open at the 4th largest mall in the country. Something to be enthusiastic about during the last quarter of 2015. 🙂

Photo by: Marco Paulo Diala,

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