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A Try on Free Diving during Camiguin Dive Fest

Camiguin Dive Fest 2019, Camiguin dive festival 2019, Camiguin

August has been a rough month for me. But I know very well that whatever life throws at me, I just have to take it in, go with the drift, and be convinced that it’ll all be better soon.

The bed is the most accessible and easiest spot to mull over, but going on a serene destination for a recluse works wonders. Whenever am wistful, I go on short jaunt somewhere quiet to clear my head. And just recently, I found myself back at the enchanting island of Camiguin for a quick weekend respite.

Camiguin Dive Fest 2019, Camiguin dive festival 2019, Camiguin

Trying out Free Diving in Camiguin
Friday, Saturday and Sunday! I spent three days and two nights in the ‘Island Born of Fire’ for Camiguin Dive Fest 2019. A spontaneous trip with only FREE DIVING plotted on the itinerary, but ended up packed with fun food and road trips.

Yoga + Free Dive were scheduled during the morning of Saturday and was offered for FREE in celebration of Camiguin Dive Fest. We started with an early Yoga Session at 7:00AM to loosen up before a quick free diving orientation and to finally give it a shot.

Camiguin Dive Fest 2019, Camiguin dive festival 2019, Camiguin

It’s my first time to try free diving, and I find it a good exercise to let oneself go, and then collect oneself right after. I see it to be an effective way to let go of all the the unnecessary noise in my head, focus and relax, let go and have faith that I can get through it. I personally think it’s a good meditation exercise.

I admit, it’s not that easy, specially with my fear of the depths. Well, I know how to swim, but I panic whenever I can’t stand on the sea bed anymore and if the water level is over my height already. But with the right guidance, and focus, I was able to reach the 5-meter marker on the second go! Not bad, right?

Camiguin Dive Fest 2019, Camiguin dive festival 2019, Camiguin

My brother-from-another-mother Marco and a new-found Japanese friend Sakura were with me during the 5-meter free dive trial session. If it was graded, no doubt I had the lowest score, and Sakura for sure topped the class. haha. But it’s no competition, just pure fun! Let’s go on a free dive sesh again soon, yes? 😉

One of the best things about traveling is meeting new people! Thanks to this bunch for a good time, and to Kurma Eco Beach Lodge for the delicious calamansi tarts! 😉

If you want to give free diving a shot in Camiguin as well, contact Kurma through their Facebook Page:  

Kurma Eco Lodge and Free Dive Center is located at Yumbing Mambajao Camiguin. You may get in touch with them through mobile at +639171040610.

Camiguin Dive Fest 2019
Camiguin is small, but surprisingly has lots to show off. From white sand islands, to it’s picturesque greeneries, from cold to hot springs, from trekking to diving – there’s a lot of nature activities and be soaked up in good energy right after.

Known to just a few and the familiar, Camiguin is said to boast underwater wonders as well. I witnessed the closing of the first Camiguin Dive Fest and saw underwater pictures taken by the divers who had awe-inspiring photos that showcased Camiguin’s colorful and unique marine life. The photo contest showcased the island’s underwater beauty and also mainly aimed to raise awareness on how to sustain and take care of them. With over 30 dive spots in the quaint island, am pretty sure there’s so much more to come back for, and not get bored of experiencing Camiguin’s diverse marine life.
A fun dive in Camiguin is definitely now on my bucket list!

Camiguin Dive Fest 2019 was a two-month festival, which started last June 23 and concluded last August 31. Spearheaded by the office of the Department of Tourism -10, Camiguin Tourism Office and the government of Camiguin, Camiguin Dive Fest intends to take the island’s sustainable programs to new depths, and is looking forward to a bigger celebration in 2020. Currently, Camiguin has six accredited dive shops who are very willing to show you around one of the country’s most unique, volcanic reefs.

Getting to Camiguin from Cebu by Plane
Direct flights to Camiguin makes it an easy and a convenient choice to vacay to from Cebu. The flight itinerary may say that it takes over an hour to arrive, but it’s actually way less than 60 minutes. So you’d be in “Peace Paradise” in no time!

Going around Camiguin is pretty easy too. You can hail a habal-habal and arrive at your destination in a jiff. If you have luggages, you can hire a multicab, or a multipurpose mini jeepney to tour you around.

Who’s going to Lanzones Festival 2019? Tara!


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