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When it comes to stylish and edgy haircuts and style, I browse on the internet for “Korean Men Hairstyle + the current year” , then go to a local Korean Salon to get my preferred cut by a Korean hairstylist. Come on, who wouldn’t want to look like a KPop Idol? Or atleast have the same hairstyle! 😛

Korean Salons here in Cebu feels a bit more fancy then our regular local salons. You are greeted “Anyoung haseyo!” the moment you step in the shop, and an assistant will take care of you – asking you the service/s you’ll be availing, attend to your inquiries, and then seat you as you wait, and give you refreshment and snack. Men’s haircut is at P450 in our local Korean Salons, which is not bad at all as it’s almost the same price with barbershops in our malls.

This got me curious on how it is to get a haircut in Seoul! Would I get the same service and the same pampering? During one solo trip to Seoul, I went to the highly recommended SOONSIKI Hair to experience the much suggested cut and style myself!

Walking inside the salon, I was greeted and asked for what service I want, then seated and served with iced coffee. After 10 minutes of waiting, I had my hair shampooed and was lead to the styling chair.

The haircut & styling took less than 45minutes, and looking really neat right after, I left the doors feeling like an idol! hahahaha. Yes, I was one satisfied customer. The haircut price was about P1,350.

The service in Seoul and our local Korean salon is almost at par, and pretty much offers the same hospitality. Korean salons don’t just deliver your desired results, but have the best customer service too. 🙂

I went to their flagship store in Hongdae. You may check the Soonsiki Hair reviews on Facebook too.

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